Better than sex

Cindi loved the purring of her V8 and driving fast was far better than sex with Ralph.

She pressed the accelerator a bit more and felt her sport car clinging to the road approaching another bend in the road.

“I like surprises” she’d told Ralph, but she had expected diamond rings rather than manipulated brakes.

Suddenly: twisted metal, crushed glass, oil and blood.

Painlessly she passed into darkness; light was entering from a faraway door opening to blinding light.

Then she was back in paraplegic dependency.
Now she cannot say a thing; she only watches as Ralph claims her property.

To me the door worked as a metaphor for being close to dying. My first impression that I went with.

I’ve been on hiatus and reenter into the frenzy of Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle hosts and present us with a picture, and we follow, telling our own stories.

August 16, 2017

51 responses to “Better than sex

  1. Sad and sinister. The worst bit, that she has to lie there and watch him take her stuff. That would literally drive you insane. Nicely twisted, Bjorn

  2. This is exceptional storytelling. Outstanding work; I can’t even pick a favorite part, it’s all so good.

  3. Welcome back.. eesh… talk about dark. I almost wish she didn’t come back through the door….

  4. Dear Björn,

    It’s good to see you back but…um…my that was dark. She should’ve kept going to the light. Well written in any case and it’s still good to have you back. 😉



  5. Hullo Bjorn – nice to meet you – hope your hiatus did it’s job, wove its magic, as you have done with this dark tale of indifference and revenge. Such vivd descriptions, evoking such powerful emotions, in so few words.

  6. Good to see you back, your post this week reminds me what flash fiction is about. Just a really great piece of writing.

  7. You drew me in with the title. Can’t say I want to have sex with Ralph either. At my age, it’s hard to top a good bowel movement.

    I’ve read a lot of near-death experience books. Once they’ve been on the other side, none want to come back. I find that comforting.

    • Russell, saw your comment, could help saying… Once you’ve been on the ‘other side’ you’ll understand that your ultimate best day here is HELLE in comparison. 🙂 BTDT!

      • I’m sure you’re right, Jelli. Actually, it’s something I’m looking forward to, but just right away. I think there are still more things I need to accomplish in this life first. Of course, that’s just my opinion. The Lord may see if differently.

  8. A tale of two shallow, materialistic beings. You’ve drawn them very well, both explicitly and implicitly. As with all the best flash fiction, the story continues beyond the words. Nicely written!

  9. Well written piece that packed a punch. I loved the contrast between her feeling so alive and in charge to her helplessness at the end.

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