Sonnet for a passing blindness

You are sunshine and the drizzle in November
frost in orchards promising a later harvest.
You are flowing rivers and the dancing fog at dawn,
valleys mountains, you are riddle and solution.

I love you as I drink a glass of water or watch the sunset
In the way I breathe between each heartbeat.
I love you as the scent of freshly fallen snow.
in the hour close to midnight, in each winter morning.

Then as we melt together, being braille on skin
with probing fingertips we pass from blind to seeing
or as cotton candy dreams — posing to be real.

We sense another presence, let the hours river,
before we laugh pretending that our finger’s hunger
can be quenched by this, our moment — our fire.

Male Nude with a Glass and Snake (Asclepius) by Albrecht Durer

Today I host dVerse MTB and the challenge is to write a free-verse sonnet inspired by the way it was written by Pablo Neruda.
August 17, 2017

35 responses to “Sonnet for a passing blindness

  1. Then as we melt together, being braille on skin
    with probing fingertips we pass from blind to seeing

    This is fine, fine work, Bjorn.

  2. Absolutely Neruda-clone poem-very lovely, creative romantic word-smithing. I could not quite simulate the Neruda verbiage, but still tried to capture the style.

  3. That is a very interesting title, Björn! And I’ve not come across that nude by Dürer before. Your sonnet, as always, is stunning. I especially love the second stanza.

  4. I love how you brought the eclipse into this. What a gorgeous poem. You perfectly captured the highs, lows, and flatlands of long-term love. The excitement but also the simple everydayness — like drinking water.

  5. A free verse sonnet: intriguing. An evocative cascade of love’s ever altering plethora of moods. Wonderfully penned

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  7. This full of vivid imagery and I loved the turn.

    you are riddle and solution.

    absolutely loved that line.

  8. I love the sense of completeness this love births, the wholeness of being… I love how you verb so many nouns and make the act of writing (and loving) a thing so natural that the eye can’t remember ever seeing anything different. This is wonderful.

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