Keyhole stories

So much is wasted,
in breathless peeking

   through the keyhole
   at skin exposed

      in the unlit chamber
      with drawn curtains.

Me at our release party in November

Me at our release party in November

When Susie prompt us to write about keyholes at toads and Victoria prompt for imagism at dVerse I had to combine the ideas and at the same time do some marketing for the book I have contributed a story to. On February first the book will also be available at iTunes.

32 responses to “Keyhole stories

  1. I was hoping you would do some fabulous self promo with the Toads prompt! And this fits perfectly (one might say as a key) for the imagist prompt, as well.

  2. OMG. The glasses. What is it with the glasses?! Glasses leave me breathless. 🙂

    That was the first thing I thought of when I read the prompt … your book.

    There should be no such thing as an “un-lit chamber.” Every chamber needs books.

  3. Congratulations, Bjorn !!! It ought to be an interesting read.
    You never know what you will seen until you see it.
    The prompt reminded me of a situation. But she reads my blog so I abstained. Thanks for reading what I did put.

  4. An intriguing illicit peek through the keyhole.
    I’m sure you must be very proud of the book. Love the pic.

  5. I like how you incorporated the title of your new book to your poem, Bjorn, Loved the “skin exposed.” I wish you great success with the book!

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