There is plenty to suck

The thin veneer of day,
its light is scabs for scars,
Its wind a paper wall for mares.

The daylight is Pandora’s box,
still closed.
It’s a breath prepared for shut of eyes
It’s the loosely tightened noose.

But night’s a cockroach
hiding, it’s the the ropes pretending
to be sheets,
and when I close
my eyes, the trap is sprung.

At first her voice deceits
it lulls and soothes
when yet
unfanged she places kisses
whisper, hisses
and forked she twists, she ties
my tongue and skeins my throat.

My night has weight of wings
it’s both the succubus
and clustered claws.

Yet at dawn the door
is closed, it’s locked, but
keys to night are always lost.

Mucho hay que chupar (There is plenty to suck) by Francisco Goya

Mucho hay que chupar (There is plenty to suck) by Francisco Goya

This is another Nightmare poem, this time written for my own prompt at toads. I will also link up this to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning…

January 30, 2016

40 responses to “There is plenty to suck

  1. I really like the idea of night being a cockroach hiding & the idea that the keys to night are always lost. You are definitely a master of nightmare poems, Bjorn!

  2. Brilliantly dark and visually stunning! I love this:

    “My night has weight of wings
    it’s both the succubus
    and clustered claws.”

    One can feel that weight!

    Thank you, for such an excellent challenge!

  3. Some fabulous images in this. Love how you seem to make the nightmares the reality, and daylight is almost the dream that takes you away from the reality

  4. The end line is divine – like coming to the end of that siren call – so hypnotic i swayed through the darkness..smiling in a way! ‘she ties
    my tongue and skeins my throat’ – what a great line..nothing sucks in this poem 😉

  5. Night portrayed as a cockroach is a particularly delightful image, although I would have preferred a cricket! 😉

  6. The true feel of nightmare here, Bjorn, but with a very light and sure touch that makes it stand the hairs up on the back of my neck–I especially like the lyric opening which seems so innocently beautiful and descriptive, and the closing lines really know how to move in for the kill. Thanks for a great challenge.

  7. Night is like a hiding cockroach… that line really grabbed me, and I could see this little thing lurking, hiding somewhere, just waiting to come out. Some great, vivid, dark, and disturbing images, but all very poetic.

  8. Yikes! Good thing the keys are lost!

    The third line is my favorite. Actually, you should take that line and use it in a new poem about something totally different. Wouldn’t that make a cool prompt? To repurpose a line of your own poetry, completely changing the meaning? Yeah. That would be really neat.

  9. WOW! A fantastic write, so many great lines……..the paper wall for mares, the ropes pretending to be sheets, and the weight of wings and clustered claws. Amazing writing.

  10. I read your poem this morning after a restless night and it struck a chord – the difference between day and night. Your description of night as a succubus must be very easy for an insomniac to relate to, as well as one plagued by nightmares.
    (I thought I had commented from my tablet, so I apologize for visiting so late.)

  11. Whew! Guess I’ve missed a nightmarish prompt! I loved especially the disguise of the sheets, so unexpected and booby trapped. And I loved the opening of Pandora’s box–what a way to describe nightfall! Beautifully done. Happy Birthday, Bjorn.

  12. I’ve heard of the succubi. they have long fingernails and are very curvy but total shadow-like. lol. just getting into the mood of your poem Bjorn. hahaha, interesting write.

  13. The lines “The thin veneer of day,
    its light is scabs for scars,” are just stunning! I think this is one of my favorites of yours, it goes well with the image but says oh so much more. That last stanza is killer. I too, think that night is like a small death each time, one we may well never wake up from and your poem says it perfectly! NIce prompt BTW!

  14. This nightmare poem is going to give me nightmares. You’re a master at this Bjorn. How do you come up with these images? It’s funny how we humans like to visit the dark side – a big aspect of our reality. I enjoyed this so much because of the imaginative scary images.

  15. Wow! I stuck on the first stanza trying to imagine all of it…’The thin veneer of day,
    its light is scabs for scars,
    Its wind a paper wall for mares.’ ..

    for me – it’s about how we attached to our beliefs that night/darkness must be – mare… but not as part of light, so then during the day we feel okay about time, when we can’t control the light…fun investigation though…

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