Remembrance is
the persistent itch
from grains of sand

in a left shoe
from summer beachwalks

just before sunset.

Boys and girls at sea by Raphael Kirchner

Boys and girls at sea by Raphael Kirchner

I wrote a second entry for Victoria’s prompt on imaginism at dVerse.. join us and write your own poem at dVerse.
January 28, 2016

28 responses to “Summer

  1. I love the economy of this poem, saying so much in so few yet precise words. The isolation of the final line has a great impact. Lovely imagery.

  2. We’ve all had sand left in our shoes, that’s what makes this so relatable. I felt a little wistful remembering those days as a girl getting sand in my shoes. I love the old fashioned scene on the beach.

  3. YES.
    Though I am of the school of thought that sand is just fine fairy dust, waiting to recreate magic. I am fond of finding it in random places after visiting the coast, or my beloved Lake Tahoe.

  4. It’s making me a little bit giddy how well you’ve all done with this prompt. This is exactly the kind of poetry I love: short and seemingly simple, but possibly very complex … or deep, at least.

    So to me, this is about the old woman who lived in a shoe (you know the next bit about having so many children she didn’t know what to do). Anyway, she finally “left” the shoe. She just took off; no one knows where she is now.

    The grains of sand are the children she left behind. They also represent time, life, years. Those she’s already spent and/or those she has left. It’s all an itch … her emotions, memories, feelings: they’re all over the place and jumbled-up confusing.

    I LOVE the last line … the double meaning in “just.” She was just, before sunset. Now she’s all kinds of unjust. 😛

    Also, “remaining” could mean “re-main(land)ing.” That would be about someone who tried to live in the ocean for a while but ended up having to go back to land. Anyway, he has that constant reminder of (and itch to return to) all he left behind in the sea.

    Or, more than likely, none of the above. 🙂

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