Searching for beauty

See bare the branches, boldly stark
against the ghostly garden rot;
it’s lure of leaves have left, to knots
and fits, my fists are folded; dark
my heart is hunger, heckled from
the clotted clouds and cold of fall.
But drums of dread, this death of numb-
ness brings a brittle beauty; mauls
yet gives its gold, a gad of mind
a summer’s softness saved and found.

Avond (Evening): The Red Tree by Piet Mondrian

Avond (Evening): The Red Tree by Piet Mondrian

Today prompt at toads is to write 10 line poetry to “The eye of the Beholder” at toads. My 10 line is a small invention that combines alliterative poetry with rhymes, and formal meter. It should be fun to read aloud. Also linking to Poetry Pantry.

November 8, 2015

35 responses to “Searching for beauty

  1. This is a most stylish sonnetina – all the more so for your customization in terms of rhyme scheme. I also like the way the run-on lines have been phrased to maximize the flow. There is beauty to be found in the stark reminders of summer’s end.

  2. there is beauty in the barest of branches.
    yes, it is a delight to read this poem aloud. great craftsmanship and technical skill. 🙂

  3. Really elegantly presented, Bjorn, yet with a gut punch as well–very original, deft and intelligent writing on a subject(the seasons) so frequently mauled by cliche.. Many congratulations on the book release!

  4. as usual you bring a fresh and new approach in style and words to even the most well-versed images – perhaps the whole has been ‘heckled from
    the clotted clouds’

  5. I miss having my cat to read poems aloud to. This would have been a joy. The Zen in me so enjoys the beauty of stark branches. As always, you deftly bring newness to old thoughts and yet hold true to the integrity of those long existing thoughts. Finding the summer inside and yet, accepting the present greyness

  6. Beautiful writing Bjorn. To show that coincidences do happen, you might take a look at this week’s photo prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction. I’d just come from that page when I read your poem and, as I scrolled down to your picture, I thought I was hallucinating.

  7. This was fairly easy reading, Bjorn. I liked the sound of your ‘consonance’ in the last line also.
    For us here in Southeast Texas, your picture is not a common sight until late December or January. A lot of trees keep their leaves all winter long.

  8. Even as winter approaches we cling on the memories of summer in the hope that we will see another one despite the darkening signs of autumn. Very expressive poem Bjorn.

  9. I love this Bjorn. It IS fun to read out loud and I admire your chosen words – so full, descriptive, mysterious, and complete. You also chose the perfect painting to complement your writing.

  10. I adore “wrap around” lines and you use them well here. I see Kerry knows the correct title of these lines but that’s what I’ve always called them to myself. You are correct – it is beautiful to read out loud!

  11. Love this “brittle beauty” of the stark and dark, your alluring use of alliteration, and the image of a tree bleeding out it’s color!

  12. A wonderful write, but you had my tongue twisted at that continued -ness 🙂 You have also captured fully the November scenery of my hometown, so it was an extra pleasure to read your poem.

  13. The alliteration and rhyme that you have woven through this piece is intricate and yet very robust. And yes, great alliteration (and rhyme, for that matter) often begs to be read aloud.

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