From another war

From hungry soil, from mud of Flander’s field
see shell-shocked souls and poppy’s flown, in cries
from clay of Sommes, Verdun, from rats and lice
from smell of soggy uniforms, congealed
with gangrene memories. From chlorine gas,
in voices harsh from bleeding lungs, they sing
a hymn that echoes from the crystal glass
of presidents and generals, who bring
across a century (our souls still sore)
from Iraq and Syria: rebirth of war.

poppies 1
I just watched a TV series about the first world war, and have to say this brought forth those memories and of course also combined with the poem by John McCrae (Flander’s field). Linked to Magpie Tales, I also link this to toads, as it feel more appropriate than ever, after the 11-11 it’s only two days till 11-13
November 8, 2015

34 responses to “From another war

  1. ‘the smell of soggy uniforms’ is a brilliant line to understate the horror – not sure the WWs conflate with the Middle East ‘though our souls are still sore’

  2. Those who have fought and sacrificed should of course be remembered – but we should not forget the reality of war..often glossed over and idealised by the media…but certainly not in this poem – a fine poem

  3. My mind keep taking my eyes back to “…congealed with gangrene memories.” I love how you constructed this part because it effectively draws out the pain and the torment and it sad, sad that a century later and the lessons from History stay unlearned.

  4. All I can do is nod my head in agreement.. to see another war begin to play out on French soil is devastating.

  5. “Wars and rumors of war,” here we go again.
    I suppose this round was inevitable, history repeats. Now is the time to brush up.

  6. War is eternal, a product of everything in our DNA we can;t seem to control, however destructive–this blends the pathos of yesterday and the insanity of today in a seamless elegy.

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