Friday belly-dancing, 
            we whipped-
cream-screamed; in
a what-if-dreamed de-
lighted darkness-holler

oily mess-mass-
                      aged &
sweetly sweated
lusty ex/stacied 
a-moaned ent/wined… 
                         or no.


we pil(low)talked
shy of webbed-toe-tick-(tock)-
ling we unwrapped 
           to lone/li(o)ness

Parcel #7 by Betty Goodwin

Parcel #7 by Betty Goodwin

I had to do a second entry for De’s prompt at dVerse MTB on enjambment. I also link this to Izy’s out of standard prompt at toads, alas a thing that doesn’t happen.

November 5, 2015

21 responses to “Unwrapped

  1. Ha ha ha. I freaking love this. I’m so totally grinning from ear to ear. 🙂

    I actually just suggested to Shay the other day that she might want to write a belly-dancing poem, and here you’ve done it for me instead.

    These are my faves:
    oily mess-mass-”

    Big-time kudos for these gnarly word-splits, which I’ve never even considered: “ex/stacied” and “ent/wined.”

    So much love for all your cleverness in the last four lines. I love the back and forth. This happened, no it didn’t, but maybe. LOL. That’s what you get when you hook up with a lioness, I guess.

  2. Ha, Bjorn, I like this one better than your first. You really got into that word play that makes enjambment fun. I enjoyed the ‘cream-screamed’ and then the ‘ex-stacied’ encounter ending in the ‘lone/li(o)ness.’ Really it is fun to just play with words on occasion, isn’t it??

  3. Love love LOVE that drawn out sigh. You are channelling E.E. here…and OH! This:
    “a what-if-dreamed de”

    Whether that was for me or not, it sure makes me smile. 🙂

  4. This was just so much madness to love here. How fun and free. I like this better than the first because it made me grin hugely with delight. And….congrats on the book, the collaboration with other writers, the party to come….have much fun. We d’Verse folk can only be there with you in spirit. Wish I could be there to see you do a belly dance!

  5. Sigh, yes the bellydancing and whip cream screams often get overlooked for softer pillow talk. This one is very clever and fun Bjorn! Thanks for posting to the out of standard!

  6. There seems to me to be a natural break down or breaking apart in relationships over time and your form and content epitomises that well here.

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