The raft of Medusa

Young, we embraced ideas of change
but quickly from dreaming deranged
to terror, to death, into blood,
to malice from bold brotherhood.
we frowned at slow evolutions
to bless our fierce revolution,
but after the bloodshed we waged
We crave calmness, not our rage.

The Raft of the Medusa
Théodore Géricault

Kim hosts the Quadrille today at dVerse. and we should dance to the word of revolution.

April 17, 2023

17 responses to “The raft of Medusa

  1. After fierce revolution and deranged dreaming, anyone would crave calmness, Björn. Great rhyming, too, and I like the alliteration in ‘bold brotherhood’.

  2. Rebelling for young people is a right of passage, but when they have no positive heros to look up to they can be lured by tricksters. Those who want war never stop to think what it really means — except the fat cats who want to get fatter off of the bloodshed of young men and hapless women and children who are adjacent casualties. Excellent poeming, Bjorn, you say a lot in 44 words.

  3. These lines made me think of the urgency of youth.
    we frowned at slow evolutions
    to bless our fierce revolution,
    Sometimes this changes with time. I hope my years are making me wiser.

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