Window to the sea

A summer breeze moves the muslin drapes
as shallow shadows dance on naked skin
and windows open to the sea make shapes
the sunset paints us in a sweeter sense of sin.

We listen to the sounds of dusk, to seagulls
leaving for another shore, to ships, to songs
the sailors sing to sweethearts lost, to dull
the tears they keep pretending to be strong.

We know tonight will be our last, we’ll part
at dawn, my ship will leave, I have no home
this place is yours but deep inside my heart,
I’ll save some space for you, so while I roam

between the arms of others, for you, I’ll keep
this special night, and for my love too deep.

Open Window at Collioure
Henri Matisse

Today Merril hosts dVerse poets with a simple prompt to write about windows. I made mine a fantasy sonnet of sorts. I hope it works.

April, 18 2023

25 responses to “Window to the sea

  1. A delightful sea sonnet, Björn, which transported me to that window with its muslin drapes. I heard the wind and sea in the sibilant ‘shallow shadows ‘, the phrase ‘the sea make shapes / the sunset paints us in a sweeter sense of sin’, and the seagulls.

  2. “the sunset paints us in a sweeter sense of sin.”
    The mood is definitely set.
    Nice one!!!


  3. Works, for me at least, could feel both the melancholy and the whimsical, little joy together; I like the way you’ve woven the motif of love, and the “roaming” reminded me of sailing a little bit.

  4. “I’ll save some space for you.” This line struck me, inasmuch that it seems natural, from my own subjective perspective, to hold the positive memories of others in my heart, even many years later, after a friendship or relationship has dissolved.

  5. I hope this is by mutual agreement. Personally, I would rid myself of this guy before I ruined my life waiting, worrying, and wondering. That last line got to me, I could see it coming from the next to last.
    Now I know the down side of having a girl in every port.
    Good writing though,

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