Icicled heart

Those softly whispered words
you finally gave

that answer,
though compassionately told
still clotted my blood
froze to a reckless notice
and a passionless turndown

a glacial bulwark between us,
icing my veins

and now
by your closed doors
my verses, forever
are silent.

Today Mish hosts the Quadrille with the word ice at dVerse, She is sharing some spectacular pictures taken after a winter storm at lake Huron, Ontario. remember to check it out.

January 23, 2022

22 responses to “Icicled heart

  1. You had me at the title! I absolutely love the way you incorporated ice into this quadrille and your choice of line breaks gave it the perfect flow. The emotions of hurt, shock and rejection are palpable.

  2. You put a lot in 44 words…just enough to hit hard without being overly dramatic, and it has the hard edge of realism…how ‘flimsy’ things like soured love can destroy so much, such as one’s cráter, pride and Joy…

    • I really wanted to reply to your poem on mastodon, but I have not yet signed up, and I am a bit confused with all those servers. I really felt that darkness of winter and the faint memory of sunnier times in your poem

  3. Yes, the heart is very active in our romance, this is good.
    “icing my veins” I’ve heard before, but the wedding saying here is “Cold feet,” one backs out.

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