Your aura behind

It was never the scent of your finger
grazing my cheeks on that evening
it wasn’t your taste that still lingers
nor tears in your eye-lashes shining
when later that morning we parted,
it was never the birdsong or rain
but how lightly it really had started
how innocent toying brought pain.

Tonight, I sit in the darkness recalling
the songs in your voice and the roses
that blossomed, but lately have fallen
its skeletal thorns now give me bruises.
You left me for nothing but cravings
for whisper and lies from the wind
you left and called me your plaything.
I, in your aura, left in darkness behind.

Separation by Edvard Munch

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January 19, 2022

15 responses to “Your aura behind

  1. An unequal equation that left a negative. Why does this kind of math get formulated. Beautifully written. Sorry I didn’t get there in time to hear you read this one.

  2. This is exquisitely woven, Bjorn! The poem in its entirety is deeply moving … so much so that the reader can feel the emotions coursing through. I especially resonate with; “Tonight, I sit in the darkness recalling
    the songs in your voice.” 💙💙

  3. This is a powerful write. Sometimes, I imagine you as the counterpart to the romaticism of Sanaa’s writing. This is one of those poems with imagery that touches the emotions…the feeling of being left behind….in your aura….in the darkness.

  4. They rhyming, especially in the beginning, really relays the toying, the tug and pull and I can feel the pain of being the “plaything.” Skillfully penned!

  5. This is such a poignant poem, Björn, I like the rhyme scheme, which gives it a lyrical quality and especially felt the sadness that seeps through the second stanza.

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