Friday is here and dressed to the tee
in bandana and bangles, we’re free
as tigers huntin’ the jungle for prey
we’re looking for ladies ready for(e) play

Friday, the city is pumpin’ as we hit
bars for the booze, skippin’ the chits
we’re laughin’ at nothin’ finding our cue
bein’ the cause of chaos and hullabaloo

Friday is here, we’re young, we’re free
in stupor, we stumble, ‘morrow you’ll see
how we ‘ have transformed from happy
and able to grumpy, tired, and snappy

Photo by Heshan Perera on Unsplash

Today Punam is hosting on dVerse and we are given a list of words to use that come from the Indian subcontinent.

For some reason, I went time-traveling back in time to when I was much younger. I was never anything like this, but I think that sometimes it was something I strived for.

October 25, 2022

12 responses to “Transformation

  1. Well…..I for one can not see you like this in your youth!!! But then, my guess is there were moments you might have come close???? Loved the rhyming here and the fun tone.

  2. Friday nights for hullabaloo and Saturday morning stupor! What a picture! Loved the way you incorporated the Indian-origin words to paint the transformation.

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