War on words

Their worldwide war on words
is wrought from proxy words
prudent words of high esteem
words of praise pretending weight
but being weightless words,
words that leave you sated
with an empty mind,
words that fill your voids with noise
words that block our thoughts
worthless feces words
these wordless words,
this constant hum is just
their worldwide war on words.

At the First Clear Word by Max Ernst

Today it is Open Link Night at dVerse and Linda hosts and I just link up a little ditty that I hope you might find meaningful.

October 27, 2022

24 responses to “War on words

  1. This is such an accurate portrayal of our world today Bjorn. Trying to sift through the meaningful words and the ‘feces’ words can be daunting at times. Incredible piece.

  2. This is absolutely stellar writing, Bjorn! You paint such a vivid picture of our current and troubling times.

  3. So many words with so little meaning… this is why poetry is important. Words have become mundane due to the lack of weight behind them. Poetry brings the weight back.

  4. So many words in the public domain are worthless feces words. I like that. Like much on the NYTimes bestseller list. Sorry, it all just seems so…ah, dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. Is it worldwide? I thought it was just America.

  5. Words can have power, but words can also be poison — partake carefully. Strong Björn! 👍🏼✌🏼❤️

  6. You slap the worthless words with ruthless rhythm and apt alliteration that pounds in my head and fights the noise of the worldly gibberish crowding the interstices of my brain. Excellent!

  7. A circle of empty words that ring hollow and make you disappear, emptying minds, blocking thought: this describes the world of words that our Orwellian media indulges itself in with their circular logic. I like how you end with the same line you begin with making the point even more emphatically.

  8. this constant hum is just
    their worldwide war on words.

    A better alternative than having to witness the war in Ukraine. Great write Bjorn!


  9. I’m going to be thinking of words at war for awhile. Truth and lies? I like this: words that fill your voids with noise / words that block our thoughts

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