Thursday in October

Home-made pea soup has to be planned. We do it from yellow peas, and they have to soak overnight before they are cooked. We usually take a whole packet at a time and that will last for many meals. We add onion and carrot but usually not any pork as tradition bids. 

We spice with salt, white pepper thyme, and marjoram and boil until the peas disintegrate into a soup that is close to a stew.

Pea soup is usually served on Thursdays with strong sweet mustard, maybe pork sausage, crispbread with cheese, and pancakes afterward. It is an acquired taste and I used to hate it in school but growing up I enjoy my pea soup when autumn darkness arrives in the company of rain.

rain soaking into
a decomposing carpet — 
last leaves falling

Today Mish hosts dVerse and asks us to write Haibun on soup. Here in Sweden, there is nothing more traditional than pea soup (apparently going back to the 13th century). In lunch restaurants, in school and in the defense forces, you can typically get this treat every Thursday. Compared to many other soups it is very rich and a “full meal”. If you have never eaten it, you would probably not like it *smiles”.

October 24, 2022

18 responses to “Thursday in October

  1. I love pea soup. It is also very common here in Canada, although often with a meaty ham bone. I like the contrast with the rainy haiku as it just seems to make your soup and your prose feel even warmer. Yum!

  2. Nice connection there with the yellow split peas and the yellow leaves, each decomposing in their own environments. Never tried the yellow split peas or had pancakes with my soup. My grandma used to make a delicious split green pea soup with a ham bone thrown in with onions and carrots. Now they sell bags of dried beans and peas with little flavor packets to season with.

  3. my mother made an excellent split pea soup while we were growing up – but with the green peas
    and your photo – with the crisp bread – makes the soup look amazing (in October or on any day, really)

  4. Once I finish my chicken soup, I will make a red lentil soup with carrots and onion inspired by your delicious blog post. I was musing about the topic of your graceful haiku this morning when I was sweeping fallen leaves from a rainy set of stairs. Some of them were starting to decompose — and I was remembering that the freezing and thawing and freezing and thawing which happens during the late fall, winter and early spring will also hasten their transformation back into dirt…

  5. This was mouth watering Bjorn! 🙂✌🏼❤️😋 I make a sweet split pea soup, in a chicken broth, with splash of apple cider vinegar, garlic corn bread crouton’s, small smoked bacon chunks, chopped leaks, and parmesan cheese. Buttered toasted artisan bread, and steaming mulled cider on the side. Homemade Belgium chocolate creme pudding after. Both my recipes. Delicious, and stick-to-your-ribs great on a crisp chill late autumn night.

  6. Your pea soup sounds delicious .. I would slurp it down. Unfortunately no one in our family would join me. Maybe a trip cross the Atlantic would do the trick … LOL.

  7. Lovely. I envy most traditions. Anglo Australia is not yet rich in them. I love the idea that you eat the soup on Thursdays and, not only that, but what comes with it and after it is also important. And that you associate it with particular weather.

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