September plums

My father’s birthday was on September 13, and I still remember the year it was time to celebrate his 50th birthday. Guests were soon arriving when my little sister showed up with red itching blotches on her skin. Was it Scarlet Fever? How should we tell the guests? Should the party be canceled? After a short panic, my mother managed to get hold of the family doctor, who managed to calm us saying that it was just hives from something she had eaten. It was probably the plums our babysitter had brought the day before. The subsided and my father could celebrate his birthday, but all I could think of was that I never tasted those delicious plums, and plums were banned in our household for years.

purple-laden boughs —
the neighbor’s plum tree invites
a pilfering boy

Today at dVerse Xania Tran Guest hosts with Haibun Monday, and the topic is about September.

September 26, 2022

21 responses to “September plums

  1. I thought you were going to say the red splotches were stains from the plums. Glad your sis was ok. Such a sweet image you chose to go with your haibun.

  2. A sad anniversary and what a memory, Björn! I used to be allergic to strawberries but thankfully grew out of it. The yield from our plum tree hasn’t been great this year, but the quince tree came through for us and I’m making quince parcels today! I take it you used to go scrumping as a child – great fun!

  3. A multi-layered haibun, Bjorn, precise and evocative.The haiku allusion to St. Augustine and the pears fits in so seamlessly I almost missed it.

  4. My father demanded all of our attention and affection on his birthday, and if one of us had fallen ill on “his” day, we’d hear about it forever and after.

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