Those specks of dust

Chalked – the contours
of corpses, soldiers left
on the silent streets
now settling slowly under
dust a whiter shade of pale
dust that smothers mothers
dust that covers daughters soiled
dust that covers soot
dust that hides the voids
left from loot they kept.

Those Specks of Dust
Francisco Goya

Today I double-dip in the quadrille hosted by De (using the word chalk) and the prompt by Merril that asks us to incorporate the name of a rose into a poem, both at dVerse.

April 19, 2022

20 responses to “Those specks of dust

  1. This is so perfectly done with both prompts–that chalk dust, yes indeed.
    And I love that song. Of course, it came to mind when I wrote the prompt.

  2. I love this line: “dust a whiter shade of pale”

    The whole piece is crazy good, but it hurts my heart so much.

  3. VERY successful double-dipping. And oh my yes….we did go into the same theme. The repetition of “dust” is very effective here. To write “the contours of corpses” and then include them as soldiers, mothers, daughters….Very powerfully written, Bjorn!

  4. You capture, with your words, what is felt, but also what is seen, and done. Very tight, precise poetry, Bjorn, designed for effect, if I may say so, and effective, very. The looting is just grotesque, perhaps it pales beside the other crimes but it does also stand out as part of the propagated great lie from the Kremlin. I read that quite a fair amount of looted goods from Ukraine do not make it back to homes….the Russian postal service helps itself accordingly to a part of the looted goods they are transporting…the surrealism knows no bounds. On Russian shopping sites some of these Ukrainian goods are now for sale — and proudly stated to be of Ukrainian origin. I fear there is a long track back to anything resembling normality…

  5. Double dipping worked quite well here. The images and message is powerful. The raw truth is painful and i wonder if the dust will ever settle.

    I love that song, i often play the version live in Denmark 2006.

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