Mother Brightbeam

I am the first you see
born from beams
a mother sent
to guide you through
both joys and chores
and though I am the last
to fade, to leave;
my sister raise to mirror me
and lead you back again
home to dreams of me.

Sometimes veiled
I still will feed you
well with warmth
and even in my absence
you can feel my fire
flaming in your face

I follow you to sea
I tend the grass,
the trees, the streams
I let you live
and on my day you rest
but can you name me
and can you tell
my sister’s name?

Altarpiece No. 1, Group X
Hilma af Klint

Today we are writing poetic riddles at dVerse. I will be hosting and I leave it up to you to guess what this fairly easy riddle might be. If I were a sphinx you would stand a chance of not being devoured.

April 21, 2022

20 responses to “Mother Brightbeam

  1. This is beautiful. I’m so glad you wrote such an uplifting poem about what we can count on, always, no matter what else goes wrong in the world.

  2. a beautiful way to describe the sun and the moon, Bjorn, and thanks for the riddle prompt.. it was wonderful joining the dverse community after a long time..

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