Forging a future

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul – Emily Dickinson

Feathered we fly
for the sun kissing the sunflower fields
for years of the future soothing the wounds
for freedom to augury birds
for dawn following night and all that is right
for rain to fertile the soil,
for bread to the starving and beds for the homeless
for more of the many and less of the few

feathered with hope,
for an instant
forever, we fly
forgetting, forgetting, while forging
a future where dreams may be true.

 “The Hope” – Another painting is about our fight for freedom. I was impressed by the courage of our people. And thanks to all who don’t stay aside and help us to defend, to survive, to live, to believe in our victory, by Vika Muse

Today Mish hosts Poetics at dVerse with the paintings by Vika Muse, a talented artist from Ukraine you can find on Instagram as @get.muse. Please join us and maybe write your own poem to one of her pictures while giving her full credit.

April 12, 2022

20 responses to “Forging a future

  1. Ah….the imagery of delicate feathers and the warrior within this scene she paints. Feathered we fly toward freedom and dawn and hope. Let it be so.

  2. I feel the breeze under feathers, the hope under the words. This is so beautiful. If you’re still up, Bjorn…Vika Muse has dropped in the pub.

  3. “forgetting, forgetting, while forging
    a future where dreams may be true.”

    A wonderful response to this painting Björn


  4. We picked the same image (again). You found a more hopeful message than I did. I yearn for the wonderful outcomes you propose.

  5. Bjorn, the words are soaring with hopes and with a brighter future (where dreams can come true). Love the play and list words starting with f, makes it flow until the end.

  6. ‘while forging
    a future where dreams may be true.’ ~ we must always hope and dream for a better future otherwise what’s the point[?] I believe that we can fly and thrive despite any evil that is thrown at us.

  7. feathered we fly, feathered we hope….beautiful and I love the way you incorporated all “f ‘ words. Is that a special form or your own creation?
    for an instant,
    forever, we fly

  8. Thank you so much for this incredible poem. It’s full of hope that I want to convey by my artwork. it’s true. Hope was depicted by birds.This hope is about having peaceful life and better world with freedom. Thank you again💛💙

  9. Life goes on, often it isn’t fair. You did great with the art piece. The line, “for more of the many and less of the few” is one of my not liked unfairnesses. In The States here our saying is “The rich get rich, the poor get poorer.” I general also fume about the tax cuts the rich are getting.

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