Fear itself

Fear the sirens calling you at 3 AM
fear a crowded subway station
fear the darkness of the copse beyond your garden
fear both truth and lies
fear the roar of diesel engines
fear the sound of silence
fear the billow left from falling houses
fear the reek of rotting corpses
fear the rodents when you’re scavenging for food
fear the random acts of snipers when you ride your bike
fear the cries of women being raped
fear the sleepless teenage soldiers
fear their lack of laughter
fear your growing love of murder
fear the hunger and the burning thirst
fear the looting and the lack order
fear the zealousness of mercenaries
fear both apathy and calls for action
fear the letter Z, but never ever
fear the fear itself

Ravages of war
Francisco Goya

Sarah hosts tonight at dVerse with a prompt on repetition where we are given a few verbs to use in a litany of repetition.

April 5, 2022

26 responses to “Fear itself

  1. This is gorgeously rendered, Bjorn! Wow! I love the stellar conclusion to the poem as well. “never ever fear the fear itself.” Yes! ❤️❤️

  2. Fear can be, should be helpful, a basic survival instinct. You used the hell out of it, and only tapped the top of the possible list; crushed the prompt.

  3. Very powerful! So true and timely. I just read Sanaa’s, and the two poems could be companion pieces in a way.

    There’s this odd dVerse/poetry world synchronicity. The other day I mentioned to Jane that I imagined a Goya painting with a poem she wrote.

  4. We fear for good reason. A stark and vivid poem – the anaphora used to great effect.

  5. I love this Bjōrn. Especially, “fear both truth and lies”, “fear your growing love of murder” and “fear both apathy and calls for action”. Powerful write.

  6. I sure feel that line Fear your growing love of murder more than all. what thoughts I have for the things I cannot contrrol.

  7. So very powerful, Bjorn. These two lines especially resonate with me given what is happening in the Ukraine:
    “fear the sleepless teenage soldiers
    fear their lack of laughter”
    Somehow, I posted my response to this prompt on the day of, quite early, and forgot to put it in Mr Linky until today…..now I’m after 40+
    Ah well….I did enjoy the prompt and am enjoying the reading now.

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