Winter’s end

We season spring
with silence,
cease to speak;
and sit to sip our tea;
we listen to the eager
shift of wings
from a wren awakened
to the scent of last year’s
leaves consumed
by greedy earthworms;
we sit and let spring
devour us.

Winter’s end
Paul Gauguin

Today we are writing Quadrilles at dVerse with Lisa with the word being season.

April 4, 2022

31 responses to “Winter’s end

  1. “Let spring devour us” – Love the ending line, as well as the use of action word for season. I cannot wait for the end of winter (we got snow yesterday).

  2. Love the illustration. Love the words. Spring is soooooooooooo slow coming here. Windchill of high 30s today! At least it’s sunny. How I crave those crocus, tulips and daffodils!

  3. “We season spring …. and let it devour us” Sighing in contentment at afternoon you describe here, sitting quietly and sipping tea, listening for the rustling of bird wings. Love the image you chose to go with your Q, it’s just right.

  4. Very wonderful wordsmanship (all already mentioned). “seasoning spring” and much more. I read this aloud, and It would be a gem for spoken word gatherings.

  5. Guess i never thought of the seasons as being greedy. But now i have to rethink.

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Björn


  6. Even your quadrilles have more hidden in them than one knows after a mere first reading…the earthworms……the leaves being devoured……and being in tea country at this time of the year I found myself relating to those words in different ways… Hungary before, and indeed other countries were all coffee…now it seems to be tea everywhere…in silence..
    Which reminds me a bit of the joke Finns always like to say about Swedes, though I don’t know how if they are always supposed to be the silent ones…

  7. Yes, I too long for spring but it feels silent on some day. It’s been cold here and my winter coat is still lingering on a hanger.

  8. The homage you pay to spring by seasoning it with silence, shows how eagerly it is anticipated and enjoyed. And I can understand that after the harshness of winter.

  9. Wonderful expression of appreciation of Spring’s eventual arrival – love your opening and closing lines.

  10. Spring is indeed a hungry season, eating up the remains of what was. Vivid pictures painted here, Bjorn, and also the peace of acceptance.

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