Away astray

we’re grey, betrayed
away slips days
away our life’s astray
we walk
dismayed in clay
while weighed
with words unsaid,

Again it’s grey,
it’s grey today
away away
we’re waylaid
we stray
we’re played
delayed we wait
we wail a while
we pray to die.

Last scene from The seventh Seal

Today it’s OLN at dVerse and Ingrid hosts. I simply started to write this from the perspective of grey and decided to play with rhymes.

March 31, 2022

19 responses to “Away astray

  1. Hi Bjorn, seems like I hit the bullseye going for it today… The paradox here is acute and drawn with originality. The contrast between light jollity at play here and the darkness of the theme is both striking and effective – albeit a little troubling… Perfect for our time right now, methinks. As ever, a very fresh and musical write. Regards…

  2. The sadness of grey, literal and metaphorical, comes through.
    I keep thinking I should re-watch The Seventh Seal one of these days. All I remember is the knight and Death playing chess.

  3. Interesting Björn. Though those 2 ending lines tore the fun out and sent me back to pondering present day Ukraine.


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