After Mayhem

When ash has fallen
on corpses, a stillness settles
in the shadow of mayhem,
a numbness has grown
from mourning the fallen,
from the guilt of forgetting,
the faces of neighbors
and how laughter infects
even the mind of a foe.

Still, there are those
who are tricked to believe
that sometimes
this war had to be waged,
even if we all stand to loose
all that’s been savored
for a cause
that nobody cares for.

‘All has become quiet in Moscow.’– Count L N Tolstoy, The Cossacks, Sampson Low, Morton, Searle & Rivington, 1878

Moskow Suburbs
Petros Malayan

Today Linda hosts at dVerse with a selection of first sentences from some famous Novels. I cannot avoid writing about the war and maybe we had an inkling of good news today, but I feel that even if it ends in some semblance of peace I feel that it will be a very depressing future.

March 29, 2022

13 responses to “After Mayhem

  1. Such a contemporary contemplation
    “a stillness settles
    in the shadow of mayhem,” evocative image


  2. So carefully and intricately constructed, the first lines read like lines that deserve to be remembered for a long while. I hear of bizarre phone calls from Russian soldiers home on mobiles they have routinely stolen, and therefore easily monitored by Ukrainians intelligence, that boast of looting, how cool Ukrainians seem to be, and the first time of seeing asphalt and streetlights….these are really boys plucked from small villages in Siberia living goodness knows what kind of existence normally…the Kremlin knows its audience…

  3. A classic reference to a contemporary happening. A peace is hoped for but the drastic consequences of conflict is a tragedy!


  4. Bjorn, I had to come back to this because the first read left me speechless. Reading it again today, the immeasurable loss of it all feels overwhelming and cannot be take in in its entirety.

  5. Your second stanza says it all, Bjorn. We are tricked and manipulated and used by those who stand to gain something from this sea of blood and carnage.My only consolation is that more people seem to be becoming aware of the extreme danger of the nationalism and fascism we are seeing emerge.

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