Tonight to forever

Valentine and we walk towards the sea, your hand, a bird nesting in mine. The night is the shadows of slumbering trees, it is winged with our dreams in the brightness of spring, it is us and it is a moon.

Wrapped in brown paper, in my pocket I carry my secret, my weapon, my precious, the ring meant to tether us tight from tonight into forever.

We drape ourselves in silence soon to be shattered. Soon I will ask, and you will look at the sea before dropping the word, the promise, the song to unite us.

— and if, if you dare to say no, it still will be us two, forever together.

It is your decision you may choose the ring I have brought to strap you or the blade in my belt I brought to spill our lives in the sand.

Moonlit Landscape
Camille Corot

Tonight I host Prosery at dVerse, the prompt where we write prose where we give one line for you to embed into the prose.

The line is “It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.”, from the poem Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy. Your prose shall not be longer than 144 words, including the given line.

February 14. 2022

43 responses to “Tonight to forever

  1. This is deliciously dark and enticing, Bjorn! I love how seamlessly you have incorporated the line by Duffy 💝💝

  2. OH MY! This turns dark at the end…..there I was being romanced by your words and BAM! What a tale you’ve turned. Love the change in punctuation with the sentence.

  3. When I read precious the ring, I thought of Gollum and what he was willing to do to keep it. Not a healthy relationship on the horizon in either case!

  4. Amazing style, especially that opening paragraph, straight in…I say especially, because afterwards………dark..dark..dark….stunning how that turned, softly, poetically, sharply, very sharply…

  5. sadly too gruesomely true … many men will kill,partner and kids, if they don’t comply with his every command. Great and realistic write Bjorn!

  6. Such a dramatic and thrilling write Bjorn. What a decision to make.
    And that line was cleverly inserted that I didn’t noticed it at first.

  7. This reminded me of Fifty Shades of Grey. Despite Grey not being poetically inclined, the darkness was definitely there. A fresh piece Björn! Like the other commenters I liked how you broke up the line from duffy.

  8. Intense. I love this secret we know and how you integrate the quote. Reminds me of the song, “Banks of the Ohio” my mother used to sing it to me when I was little, a man who asks, she says no, and well, a similiar fate awaits her.

  9. What a fabulous write, Björn! I love how you split up the line. And this ring seems to be more of a collar, attached to an invisible leash!

  10. A very chilling tale in such few words, I think it brings to light the simplicity over depth of even the most gruesome of acts and thoughts.

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