Retiring forever

I waited, from midnight to seven
on your doorstep to heaven
but you held on to the keys
as I was left out here to freeze;
now as morning has broken
not a word has been spoken
denying, confirming with stillness
that love is nothing but illness;
I retire forever and leave you
my heart beats, broken in two.

Sarah hosts today at dVerse, and asks us to tell about stories, emotions after Valentine, or something similar. The picture above I took on a business trip to Seatle, the morning after Valentine and I have always wondered about the story behind it.

Sorry for just doing a little nursery rhyme about such a heart break.

25 responses to “Retiring forever

  1. That is a great picture, and a great story to go with it! I honestly don’t blame you. Time to go and get warm. Love the rhyme, they give a real energy to the poem.

  2. This is incredibly evocative, Bjorn! I resonate with; “not a word has been spoken/ denying, confirming with stillness/that love is nothing but illness.” 💝💝

  3. Sometimes love doesn’t answer the door and half of those times we’re glad eventually it didn’t. Whatever the case the vigil is vatic with poesy!

  4. The poem is sad, but the photo is mysterious. I don’t blame you for taking that shot. It does make me curious. I’m hoping there’s actually a trail of hearts inside.

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