Stalked by shadows

Shadow followed. leading us to shadows
deeper, dancing painting dreamscapes deeper
closer to our death, this draught a purple close
reaper’s rattling breath; this gloom a reaper’s.

Fair, was sun on those days before we fared
defeat to darkness, when farewells, defeat,
were whispered into voids of parting, where
meat decaying, parts with bone, again we meet

soulless shadows threadbare dressed, on soles
too thin for concrete in our death dance – two
roles inside the reaper’s play, in our roles
you are my shadow, grave bound soon; you

turn towards the dawn as the shadows turn,
burn the twilight, life returns, again we burn.

Ballerina in a Death’s Head
Salvador Dali

Today we are truly challenged at dVerse by Laura to write a shadow sonnet where each line both begins and ends with the same word (or a homophone). To do this in pentameter is an extra challenge, and I tried to follow it as closely as I could, though it’s hard to get exactly to ten syllables if you start with a strong syllable as well as keeping up a rhymescheme.

February 10, 2022

21 responses to “Stalked by shadows

  1. Bravo you chose some difficult repeat words and yet managed to make them sound unobstructive to the reading – especially liked:
    “reaper’s rattling breath; this gloom a reaper’s.”

  2. You’ve done it so well. The reaper shadow metaphor, the repeating beginnings and ends, BRAVO
    And an intimidatingly good tale told

    much love

  3. Just reading the description of the challenge makes me have to think hard. You wrangled it nicely though, I especially enjoyed the way you ended the poem, tying all the imagery and the notion together.

  4. A most excellent attempt for a very difficult challenge. You’ve risen to the occasion and offered a rich, evocative and very thought-provoking sonnet for us to savour, bite and just muse on – the richness of the imagery and metaphors. Well done indeed.

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