I walk into the verdant woods alone
my boots are drums and breeze in leaves the strings
a sudden bird-song interrupts; a flute
to hail the morning sun in open glades.
I stroll without a goal, just led by chance
at every cross-road left or right, I turn
or stray and let my feet decide, no thoughts
of purpose, duty or intent disturb
I only hear my boots, the wind and birds
until I’m home again, relieved, reborn.

up and down the trunk  
two edgy squirrels running —
lacking a reason

Today we are writing an iambic pentameter at dVerse with Ingrid trying to emphasize the walking rhythm and the beats we feel in words. I wrote a small piece of blank verse (no rhymes), and complemented with a haiku to really make this into a blank-verse haibun. Spring will come.

February 8, 2022

31 responses to “Woodwalk

  1. I love the idea of combining blank verse into the haibun form: it can be written almost as prose, and I feel as though we are walking towards spring here: a most welcome feeling!

  2. I notice a light step in your walk…in this awakening the verse is very complacent and compliant, genteel and positive..

  3. Bjorn, you composed this in such a way that the reader has to slow down to read it, like a person who is walking in the woods with no purpose. You did it flawlessly. That’s one of the things I don’t like with the new fitness group I do activities with; they do it with purpose and do not slow down to appreciate what’s around them.

  4. Björn,

    I stroll without a goal, just led by chance
    at every cross-road left or right, I turn
    or stray and let my feet decide, no thoughts

    I would love to do this!
    Beautifully written ❤


  5. Ah, this is how I walk through the wooded parts surrounding our smallish city. Letting go of whatever takes unnecessary energy, freeing my mind to wander, take it all in. Your poem is beautiful. The haiku an inspired ending.

  6. “my boots are drums and breeze in leaves the strings” – absolutely love this line, and will recall it whenever I am out on a walk. It makes me think of your poem as a musical invitation to create together with the world.

  7. This is lovely, Bjorn. I did not take the time to count iambs and feet, I only knew I enjoyed the read!!

  8. I just loved this. Such an experience is exactly what I desire right now,just wander where your feet take you,unmindful of your destination. Also,this idea of writing a blank verse haibun sounds really cool! 🙂

  9. what a wonderful way to experience a walk – accompanied by the rhythm of your feet and the music of nature.

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