The week of skrei

Later in the winter-spring icicles will lace the eaves, great tits welcome the dawn with their “si-da si-da”. I remember that as a kid they were less insistent singing “si-si-da si-si-da”, but just like we move faster and faster, nature does as well.  When finally we reach “The week of skrei”, we walk to the fish market to purchase a perfect fillet of North-Atlantic Cod caught in Northern Norway and brought to us for indulgence. We start with carrots and onions chunked in salted water with allspice and pepper corns. Boiled until fragrant, we let the water simmer as we slowly slide the cod into the water. When sauted to a flaky perfection we serve with riced potatoes, and browned butter.

last snow falling — 
briefly specking the soil
forgotten absorbed

We celebrate with pussy willows budding, knowing that in just a few weeks the spring equinox is here, and with that comes your birthday.

Pussy willow

Today Lisa introduces the concept of micro seasons at dVerse from the Japanese concept of kō. They are normally a part of a major season and should have some significance, with their own food (or fish) and specific matters happening in nature. Yesterday I already introduced the concept of dividing the season in 8 seasons as they do in Lapland. I wanted to take part of one of those seasons, winter-spring which begins now and will go un until spring, at its end we can expect the catches of cod from Northern Norway to reach us at the same time as the pussy willow might break its buds.

I hope I understood the prompt correctly.

February 1, 2022

16 responses to “The week of skrei

  1. Bjorn, this is exactly right, inhabiting the season and sharing the beauty of that particular time. I didn’t see where you introduced the 8 seasons of the Laplanders yesterday but will follow the link to learn more. I want to try your preparation of the cod also.

  2. I must give you the recipe for Hungarian fisherman’s soup….that was v interesting Bjorn, don’t think they really eat cod at all in Finland. Nicely described, as always.

  3. The food sounds delicious.
    And yes seasons passing are like that, forgotten as one becones absorbed in the next

    Much love…

  4. Love the look a little deeper into your world. You got my mouth watering. My three favorite fish are halibut, sole, and Icelandic cod — and I like them equally.

  5. I like the way you follow traditional patterns even as the world changes pace around us and goes ever faster. You sum that up beautifully in your lines about the bird songs

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