Step by step the midwinter is passing into winter-spring. Days are getting a little bit longer and when the sky is clear, the sun may even caress you with a tender hand of warmth. Yet still, storms unload their burden of snow in the company of moody gales.

We try dressing in wool hugging our skin, we walk or run in spiked shoes, we wear gloves and hats, hug the daylight dressed in down. We refuse to only huddle by the fireplace, it would be letting winter win. You are blushing, kissed by the wind.

the lunar new year —
a lemon cardamom cake
for my birthday

Today Frank hosts haibun Monday at dVerse, and the topic is winter.

January 31, 2022

31 responses to “Winter-spring

  1. Very nice interaction between haiku and prose, as it should be, and between person and the weather…the title and theme remind me that the Sàmi of northern Sweden have eight seasons, of course…

  2. Happy Birthday Bjorn, sounds like you are making the most of it … don’t let that winter win! I’d like a slice of that yummy cake please?

  3. Oh how I love the hugs and kisses in here as winter starts to cozy up to spring. Lemon cardamom cake sounds like a cheerful way to celebrate your birthday.

  4. We refuse to only huddle by the
    fireplace, it would be letting winter win

    The right consequences of winter on the present lifestyle. Stuck at the fireplace. Love to see the refusal to be taken in by Winter


  5. Happy belated Birthday, Bjorn, hope you had a wonderful time. Your words are lovely as always, and I had great pleasure imagining the cake.

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