When you’re searching for a crupleprat
you have to look beyond the zimblebeam
and walk the willyways and follow turlytats
through wind and rain; see there it gleams

in fur and diamonds, with its spotted skin
rejoice with her, your crupleprat and walk
slowly north and yonder to the rumblebin
sit down a while, drink fumbletee and talk

Sadko the Green Monster
Leon Bakst

Mish wanted to know a little bit more about the crupleprat and here is a short description. For my own poetry prompt at dVerse

January 13, 2022

19 responses to “Crupleprat

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  2. Trying this is beyond me, and far more difficult than it looks! I really am amazed at how it is done…so very well done indeed..

  3. Thank you for expanding. I think I have a Crupleprat living in my Grandma’s old lilac mink coat. Everynow and then her diamonds flash no reason I was able to explain before.

  4. i had a crupleprat in my attic once, at night it would sneak down and watch rom-coms on my netflix, unwater all my plants, and eat all my breakfast cereal. i left him a note once, it said “you need to pay rent” and he left me note, it said “you’re out of captain crunch” other than that we had a wonderful relationship

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