Allen Wrench

I met an octopus the other day
as I was shopping for a crupleprat
he asked me if I knew the shallow way
to where he’d find a candy Stetson hat

I didn’t know – but still declared with glee
“in this winter chill you’ll need some gloves
an overcoat for warmth, some herbal tea
and booze, my friend: this you’d love”

He snarled and coughed – a bit confused
and switched to hum and talk in broken French
he whined and said that he was hurt, abused
I smiled and handed him my allen wrench

so he could dismantle walls and doors
he chuckled for himself, overjoyed and glad
and declared I’d helped him with his chores
A buoyant octopus can not be bad!

Today I host dVerse MYB on nonsense narrative poetry. Hope you can join.

January 13, 2022

27 responses to “Allen Wrench

  1. Ha! When I read the first line I knew it was going to be a treat! A really fun verse…or a cunningly disguised fun verse, cause the rhythm is so tight, the rhyme spot on, and the utter simplicity so difficult to achieve…If anyone can write a verse about an octopus, and make it eminently readable, with such flow, it is definitely one person, — thanks Bjorn…though what a challenge …

  2. Loved the whimsical nature of the story with all it’s amusing visuals. The word “crupleprat” made my imagination run… maybe a sequel about a crupleprat…..hmm

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  4. Very Lewis Carroll meets e.e. cummings; great fun. Thanks for a prompt to widen our smiles and warm the cockles.

  5. What fun, did you ever get your “cruplepat” or with your new friend’s help were you no longer in need of that? I also want a stetson hat made of candy. This should be a thing.

  6. Love your octopus – what a fun poem! Thank you for the challenge and bringing laughs to a cold January day.

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