Our songs

Tonight the band is playing our songs
Come, darling, while the night is young
let us merge as strings and bells
I know you, baby. like the Bible spells

Dance me darkly to the edge of dawn
dance me slowly, dance me wild
Dance me madly till the music’s gone
dance me to exhaustion, child.

Richard Lindner

My first 55 in a long time, Today it’s OLN at dVerse and Mish hosts. Bring your one poem and join us at 9 PM CET.

25 responses to “Our songs

  1. A terrific two-step – I like ‘how the bible spells’ and the poem reminds of me of Leonard Cohen’s ‘dance me to the end of love’ except your dance does not end there
    p.s. have never done a 55er!

  2. The movement, tinged with tension, is palpable in this poetry, constricted, I understand, by the 55 word limit, and yet each counting, with some powerful allegory.

    • I think writing with constraints is a way for you to value the word for sound rhythm and meaning… Loved your crazy story, what a life that must have been… and maybe Karen is out there somewhere reading what you write.

  3. Nice 55. Yet the poem continues beyond the limit in its intrigue and yearning.

    Happy Thursday


  4. “Dance me darkly to the edge of dawn”: Wow. Just love that line among many others which sweeps us away in stirring passion and the wild exhilaration of new love.

  5. Always good to see a 55, and this one dances like Fred Astaire. I especially like the ending, Bjorn. Made me smile at memories. And as the g-man would say, have a kickass weekend.

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