Crowned by wisdom

She walks wildly while veiled
glaring at people with butterfly eyes;
her claws are almost retracted,
and her jaws are ready to snap
To you, she is crazy. but for me
she is wearing her crown
with a wisdom that’s just wearing
her down.

You will not escape
Francisco Goya

Today dVerse is Quadrille and we should use the word crown in our 44 word poems.

November 29, 2021

32 responses to “Crowned by wisdom

  1. And thus the tragedy, yes…a sensitive poem with empathy and insight…

  2. “glaring at people with butterfly eyes“ … I love that so much! I’m totally picturing a little girl in timeout. Only her dad understands her and loves her through her mess.

    • So many elements in this show that she’s in full dress-up garb—veil, crown, butterfly eyes, claws, down (as in feathers, a boa). I love it so much. ❤

  3. It is very hard to read a face behind the mask/veil. Body language on the other hand says a lot! It is hard to stay calm with everything is weighing you down! Well done.

  4. It’s lovely to know that someone acknowledges her, and understands just what it is that is troubling her. Nice work!

  5. I feel as though she’s already trapped in jaws of something or someone nefarious. The almost retracted claws being canines, crowns and wisdom remind me of molars. The teeth wearing her down being mastication.

  6. People often perceive those who are struggling as crazy without realizing their story. Such a strong and truthful poem!

  7. she walks veiled…..Your poem here reminds me of the long long time we’ve been in masks. They seem to weigh more and more every day….and it’s harder and harder to make our smiles “seen” in just our eyes.

  8. We’re not always good at understanding why someone behaves the way they do are we? Love the alliteration at the start.

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