This blue

How you, this blue
this satin surface, smooth
your skin, your youth;

how you, us two,
with kiss of kelp beneath
the blue, our sheet;

how you, this hue
of priceless gems, warm
your lips, your arms

how you, this view
this silent water. mild
let’s dive, be wild.

Floating Seaweed by Fay Collins

For Poetics Tuesday we revisit the prompt by Sarah on Fay Collins at dVerse who sadly has passed away in cancer since. Let this be a place to write joyful poetry.

November 23, 2021

26 responses to “This blue

  1. I love the word play with all those ‘ooh’ sounds: adds to the sensual nature of the poem. Some great escapism at this time of year!

  2. Bjorn, Delightful the bathing of blue in word and rhyme and meter that makes the color positively glow with the sensual invitation and wild ebullience of a lover’s passion. Pax, Dora

  3. This was my second choice, but your take is superb. The form makes it a ballad, a sea shanty. The rhyme scheme rolls along like a corps of waves pounding our senses. I saw a sunken pirate ship beneath that cyan blue.

  4. You have gone into the depth to pull that powerful, intoxicating blue into your words, well done…

  5. interesting that we both pulled sheet from this painting. kelp, too.
    yours has a positive flair, a frolic to it, which I much admire ~

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