“Thank you”, he said, again and again, a broken record. On the bottom of the coffee mug were some lonesome coins. His deep-set eyes kept shards and secrets and he reeked of pee and wasted moments.

“Thank you”, he said again, looking elsewhere. I felt my pockets for anything to give but who carries coins these days? Why don’t the beggars take Apple Pay?

“Thank you”, I thought, reminding me how good a life can be. Thank you for the privilege, to never starve, for showers. bed and clothes.

I had nothing to give, but still, he gave me this gratitude

a scent of darkness —
yesterday’s cigarette butts
concealing in snow

Toko Shinoda

Today Frank hosts Haibun Monday at dVerse with a prompt of giving thanks, I think sometimes we are saying thank you for the wrong things.

November 22, 2021

20 responses to “Gratitude

  1. This is a very touching Haibun, Bjorn. It is difficult sometimes to know how to react in situations like this. But gratitude should override judgmental thoughts and giving should be from our hearts.

  2. Fine work indeed, Bjorn. I wrote a needy city-dwelling bench occupant piece just the other day. You mastered this one. Thanks.

  3. This is such a beautiful haibun….real in its reflection on our blessings….and how this man, in all his squalor and poverty, gave you a gift.
    Why don’t they take Apple Pay puts it right in today’s context. And also adds as a reminder of what the haves have, and the have-nots do not have.

  4. Excellent haibun, heartfelt and clarion in message. Even midst the still gathering darkness and chaos of today, there are shafts of light and pure moments of enlightenment.

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