Working from home new habits are forming; walking or running in the morning we are often passing the nearby elementary school. I see the teacher coming early, sometimes I can meet them arriving, sometimes I see them in the classroom preparing. Later we meet children coming, walking or on bicycle,and these last few weeks when schools are back I see them with their parents. Parents are working from home like us so taking their time walking to school can be done without jeopardizing the first meeting. Back to the office seems far away.

I remember my first days at school after summer break. Walking with my friends with with house keys shoelaced around my neck, I knew that when I came home again the house would be silent.

How will children of today learn the difference between solitude and loneliness?

waiting for first frost
the aspen by the schoolyard —
greener than ever

Me as a schoolboy

Today Frank hosts Haibun Monday at dVerse, and inspires us with school start. Not having children or being a teacher I have to write about what I see and how it relates to my own school start.

August 30, 2021

18 responses to “Shoelaced

  1. Bang on, brother. This haibun has it all. And yes your haiku sizzles. Did both your parents work? Did you have siblings?

  2. Ah the life of a ‘latch key’ is certainly full of lessons
    Happy Monday Björn


  3. greaat haibun. wish i could have got home to a quiet house as a kid. as the middle one of seven siblings it never happend which is why i cheerish it now.

  4. First of all, you were the cutest school boy I ever saw!
    You bring back memories of a key hanging around my neck. I had no problem with it, though one of my teachers thought it was appalling.
    Great haibun!

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