Don’t tell me lies
of fall and falling
or of leaves
or leaving fading

, but whisper silver
soothing slowly
reflecting summer
in September moonlight,
let stay pre-
tending being
tended by a dying sun.

The Three Ages of Man

Today we try our challenge in forming oral poetry with Ingrid at dVerse. I started forming the poem without paper or computer while making the dishes, mostly using the word play with the pairs (fall, falling) and (leaves, leaving). Not sure I met all the aspects of the challenge but at least I tried.

August 31, 2021

23 responses to “(pre)tending

  1. I think you have composed this beautifully Björn – I especially like that the first lines came to you while doing the dishes 😊

  2. This is gorgeously, gorgeously rendered, Bjorn! 😀 I love the natural, rhythm flow of the poem especially; “whisper silver soothing slowly
    reflecting summer in September moonlight.”❤️❤️

  3. Bjorn,
    Summer is “leaving fading” — lovely wording, melancholic sounding. This resonates with my own feelings.

  4. You managed to have some fun with this and still rock the prompt; excellent. Clever use and form of similar words.

  5. Love, love, love the rhythm and wordplay, along with some alliteration. This is a beauty, Bjorn. Always enjoy your work. ❤

  6. How funny you conceived this as you were washing dishes … nothing good comes to mind as I wash dishes!!! However, having said that … something amazing came to mind for you. I love this poem.

  7. As you do so often, your beautiful poetry has real motion and movement. The falling of the leaves can be heard to flutter on the wind. Wonderfully apt for this poetry form, Björn.

  8. I really really like that thing you do with the comma, Björn … I’ve seen it in other poems of yours too… I have to play with punctuation more! This was perfectly penned (and not just the comma)!


  9. Nicely done! I too composed a poem once while doing dishes, but it was about doing dishes. 😉 I love your play on words, especially the opening lines: “Don’t tell me lies of fall and falling…”

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