Full Fathom Five

In summer solstice,
let me be canvas;
finger-paint my skin
and mess me;
in the vibrant hues
of dusk;

let colors swirl;
my chest in bloom;
and smudge your signature with dawn;
so forever after
— I will be
your masterpiece.

Full fathom five
Jackson Pollock

Today Mish hosts the Quadrille at dVerse and the word for today is smudge.

June 14, 2021

26 responses to “Full Fathom Five

  1. Smudging is the perfect technique for some passionate midsummer body painting! I love where the prompt took you. I am not surprised you want to let all of those colours out during the endless summer nights.

  2. Beyond merely romantic, finding a sensuality that sends shivers to the reader. Summers are made for love, but only the authentic kind can survive the winter.

  3. That is one smoking-hot poem. If you ever record it for posterity, let me know. I’m hoping you have a nicely smoky voice to go with it!

  4. finger-paint my skin
    and mess me;
    in the vibrant hues
    of dusk;

    Love this ‘mess of a smudge’ being balanced by the virtues of ‘vibrant hues’. Great word-play Bjorn!


  5. There is something about the mention of the summer solstice that invokes for me a picture of Stonehenge and ancient ritual, which ties up so well with the smudging ceremony Mish talks about. A tactile and sensual poem – love it.

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