Map of labyrinth

Tomorrow’s dawn is yet another door
to a future room where today
has dimmed to yet another place
of past, where at dusk before
you went to sleep you tried (in vain)
deciding on which door
tomorrow’s dawn would be.

That’s how a day will follow day, as rooms
will follow rooms within the labyrinth
(or library) of life. No matter if you try to
mark you way will pebbles, there is just
a single exit and only when you reach
the end you may know, if you ever
left the place where you once were born.

Map Of Labyrinth
Kansuke Yamamoto

Today it’s Open Link Night, we will not be live this time, but in two week we will have June’s live event. Today Lilian hosts and I hope you can join with any poem of your own. The image of the library or a library is one I constantly see inspired by the writing of Jorge Lois Borges.

June 10, 2021

30 responses to “Map of labyrinth

  1. The labyrinth of life….and the many doors we are presented with. And in the end…there is only one door that transitions to another world not simply another street or career or room. Well said.

  2. I can hear Borges in this, that strange, extravagant, frustrating library. Which is also connected to Terry Pratchett’s library at the Unseen University…L space…

  3. Doors of perception versus doors of dimension, the grande maze, the living labyrinth–a heady message, and of course all linking back to your Library saga; great write.

  4. past, present, and future are 3 distinct places, you’re right. if only we could have a time machine to jump where we will. L space may be the place to do it…

  5. I love the feeling you convey of life as a kind of feedback loop here, Björn. It’s also interesting how you compare a labyrinth to a library. When you think of all of those books and all the worlds within them, that’s exactly what it is…

  6. Bjorn,
    A wonderful step into the labyrinth of magic realism. If there were a place where anything past/present/future should coexist in and out of time it should be a library, a place for our consciousness to mark its way with pebbles to each “origin” story.

  7. Not knowing what’s behind the door (or bookcase)–each day different., but unmapped. I like this–and I like how you tie it to your library poems.

  8. I wonder if the labyrinth is a product of language, the struggle to find meaning in meandering skeins of words. Far as I know, the only way out of a library is through …

  9. Floor or door? I like the idea of going through a door to each day and how libraries show up so often in your poems!

  10. I enjoyed how you circled around to the library. Through the door of today as the door of yesterday closes or maybe, it stays open a crack. A reminder that what we learned yesterday moves forward with us today. I have walked many labyrinth in life circling around. I have discovered when you get to the center there is a bell waiting…to perhaps another discovery.

    A very thought provoking write…now, my mind is wandering…

  11. Wow. I’m going to have to re-read this. It’s an amazing piece, and like a labyrinth, moments are beyond each open door. This poem is similar, it crossed my mind into a maze, a different path, and then an ending which makes me lurk to another beginning. We choose our moments, but not always actively or even consciously. Like you say, when we reach the end we will know where we lie.

    Beautifully stirring. It makes me think more of my past, present, and future; along with my own choices and what individual impacts are behind each potential moment. Only time will tell. Amazing and deep writing.

  12. In the end you may know if you ever
    left the place where you once were born.

    Good of you Bjorn to have brought the assurance in one stroke without any complications.


  13. I like the idea of life being full of rooms you add on to with each day of living.
    These lines of your poem especially spoke to me,
    there is just
    a single exit and only when you reach
    the end you may know, if you ever
    left the place where you once were born.

    I always enjoy your writing.

  14. I enjoyed the thought of our days unfolding like room after room in a library. The last line is so philosophical, it makes me think, which is a dangerous thing. The rooms are all spinning right now… 🤩

  15. Love this – the never-ending labyrinth of choices in life, each day a different door, how we can’t know how our life will go, how it will end. Just brilliant.

  16. I must admit, I become lost in the labyrinth, doubling back at nearly every turn, eventually starting it all again several times only to realize that their is no end, only the delight of the game. Wonderful. Peace~Jason

  17. This is the best sort of poem, where it flows and you just enjoy it for the beautiful words and then you get to the end and think, wait, what did I just read; no matter how many times you read it you keep finding new depths, or that one place where you can’t quite catch it as it disappears through another door.

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