First at last

At first was dust
before we drew
the line
dividing mine from theirs,
and soon
we let the line
grow tall;

we ceased to talk
across the wall;
said no
and no again,
which was the only word
we shared;
alas we realized
too late
that also last was


Railroad track crossing concrete.

Today Sanaa hosts at dVerse Poetry with Minimalistic photos by Glenn Buttkus. Glenn has a Photo site on Facebook called SOUTH SOUND MINIMALIST PHOTOS. Please follow if you like this style of photography.

June 15, 2021

20 responses to “First at last

  1. This is absolutely exquisite, Bjorn! I love how you have associated dust and memory with this one. Especially like; “dividing mine from theirs, and soon we let the line grow tall,”.. this says so much about broken ties and what could have been.. if we let it. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! 💝💝

  2. I like the minimalist style you have used here Björn. Sounds to me like a neighbour or a family dispute turned badly bitter!

  3. I like how it begins with dust and ends with dust. Also the only word we shared across the wall was no. Estrangement is one of the most painful situations humans get themselves into.

  4. Oh my. This from the photo….oh my. This is so powerful, Bjorn. Letting words, anger, a past wrong, get between friends and carrying the grudge and then, dust to dust…and it’s buried with each. Both coming to the same demise and never understanding each other again.

  5. You have just described the present state of American Democracy. This is one of your strongest poems. This prompt has been so flattering and exciting, I can see a glossy coffee table book rife with my images and d’Verse poetry–dream on.

  6. A great use of the prompt. In the US many towns have a track running through them creating that line of separation… along with the understanding of who lives on “the wrong side of the tracks!”

  7. alas we realize too late
    that also last was dust.

    Love the close Bjorn! Little quarrels over the fence can make enemies of neighbors for life!


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