Staying stagnant

as the river slows
in bogs

it rots

while being crushed

it thrives to gems

like it is for us,

the greatest risk
is staying


never moving
still believing

that it’s better staying
safe than being sound.


Today Tricia Sankey guest hosts at dVerse Poetics, and she challenge us with writing about risk. I sometimes feel that the riskiest thing we might do is trying to avoid taking risks.

June 8, 2021

38 responses to “Staying stagnant

  1. You captured it well Bjorn. there is that risk to being stagnant and safe. To strive to become gems in these situations take real effort.

  2. Bjorn, you and I wrote along the same lines today. Still can be blessed relief for those battered by chaos, but rest too long and…

  3. This is exquisitely drawn, Bjorn! I agree, there is risk in being stagnant. One must try and opt to expand his horizon. It is as Mark Twain said; “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where all the fruit is.” 💝

  4. Bjorn,
    It isn’t “sound” to stay safe always, is it? There’s a built-in entropy at the heart of all things and there’s no shorter route to it than playing it safe and staying “stagnant/stinky” without the energy of that swift-flowing river. Love how all your metaphors play so well together.

  5. Brilliant write, Bjorn. Following the river presents eddies and falls. Good analogy.

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  7. So true, just as in Anais Nin poem on how buds must bloom, rivers MUST flow or they sure do stink! I must say your words always flow with a grace that seems so effortless!

  8. Water metaphors always fascinate me. Living part of my life as an artist, I certainly understand overcoming fear and diving feet first into risk after risk, absorbing rejection and failure, and pushing on.

  9. An admiral poem showing deep understanding, yet I wonder if your last word should have been ‘heard’ rather than ‘sound’. Just a thought.

  10. never moving still believing
    that it’s better staying
    safe than being sound.

    That’s right Bjorn. It is not right not to take risks. By being stagnant in effect one is regressing.


  11. “the greatest risk
    is staying

    This! Resting a moment is one thing, but sooner or later the call of nature itself in hunger, relief or sheer restlessness will call you to move. We are not made to be still until we die. Being stagnant gets us to the inevitable faster. Life is about living.

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