Sunday, Finding self

We shared our breakfast in silence as usual. We split the newspaper, YOU had the news, I read the arts; YOU had coffee, I drank tea.

It was Sunday with blackbirds singing…as usual,

…when suddenly YOU said:

“I need to find myself… alone”

I looked at you: YOUR familiar face glazing with sorrow still smiled.

Shellshocked, I blurted:

“I can make the dishes.. today… forever.”

YOU ceased grinning and wordlessly fled the kitchen.

Two minutes later the taxi arrived and you departed with only two duffel-bags you must have packed last night.

I thought I knew US, but now I’m searching too. You taught me that self is crucial to finding.

The way is this: there is no beginning or end to the treasure-hunt we call us, but I know that when YOU finally find yourself there is nothing left of US inside me.

Sunday by Edward Hopper

Today Merrill host Prosery at dVerse where we embed a line from a poem in prose that should be limited to 144 words. The line Merrill has chosen is

Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end”  from Jo Harjo’s “A Map to the Next World.”

June 7, 2021

30 responses to “Sunday, Finding self

  1. Brilliant lines, and “but I know that when YOU finally find yourself there is nothing left of US inside me.”……so true

  2. This is incredibly poignant, and oh so gorgeously done, Bjorn. Sometimes people grow apart, they become different people, and sooner or later one of them realizes that they have to go their own separate way. Love the artwork by Hopper! 💝

  3. A sad commentary, Bjorn….all too often the case in some marriages. VERY clever splitting of the line we’re given!

  4. Oh what a disheartening tale. She had her duffel bags packed the night before….she knew she was leaving. The emphasis of the YOU and the you leaving…..and when found there would be no US. Powerful realization presented in the formatting. And yes….clever way to split the line.

  5. Even though the prompt line says there is no beginning and no end, this is definitely the end for what was, which you so articulated so well in your story. Good use of the prompt line!

  6. Bjorn,
    Finally, the search for the self pushes out the search for “US” — and there’s only loss of union. Love how the details coalesce into this awakening in the mind of the persona.

  7. I so enjoyed this piece from the contrasts in the intro to the highlighting of “YOU” and “I”. The ending was something I didn’t expect….ah yes, the “US” may be lost when we soul search too deep, I suppose.

  8. a brilliant description of how so many relationships end, one ready to leave, the other completely unaware there was a tear … you used the line well

  9. The word “glazing” made me think of donuts and reading the poem as if the YOU is actually sugar/carbs—as if the speaker is on a painful quest to eat healthier. 🙂

  10. the most innovative use of the line. and since this scenario is very familiar to me of late, even more impactful ~

  11. I like how you split the line here Björn. And I like your message: you can’t do other people’s soul-searching for them, and vice versa!

  12. I’ve sadly known relationships blown apart by one partner needing to “find themself”. This has a very strong emotional resonance. (K)

  13. ‘Shouted our breakfast in silence’ ~~~ could there be a better opening line? No. I’ve felt that silence in my life, long ago, never wishing to return. Great Prosery, Bjorn.

  14. but I know that when YOU finally
    find yourself there is nothing left
    of US inside me.

    Love the close, Bjorn! It is indicative of the anticipation that YOU will finally relent and it takes some while to happen.


  15. Great split of the quotation, so clever. Your story is so sad – the inevitability the narrator feels that there will be ‘nothing left of US’.

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