At three AM again

Awake at three AM again;
again awake at three AM
as dusk has met
with dawn again;
my dreams again
where grim; again
my body aches;
my bloodstream boils
and bound again
my breath is bright,
but still the birds
awake again —
belt out at three AM.

“Insomnia” 2016
Roger Weik

Today we do repetition at the end of the lines with Laura at dVerse. The term Epiphora (aka Epistrophe or Antistrophe) is used and may be combined with anaphora into symplace were both are used at the same time. We have entered the season of almost constant daylight which means that whenever I awake (almost) there is, if not daylight, a semblance of dusk/dawn, and birds are never really silent. I don’t complain really but it is sometimes quite hard to sleep properly.

June 3, 2021

29 responses to “At three AM again

  1. I know what you mean by those long daylight hours Bjorn. Love the repetition of again and being awake at 3AM. I can imagine you being irritated with being awakened so early. Maybe keeping a dark curtain will help you sleep better.

  2. Not being able to sleep has got to be the worst. Body and mind is all over the place. The repitition really drives the point home here. Good one.


  3. The birds wake me every morning at 5am, but I can’t complain because I love this time of year! Your use of repetition here underlines the relentlessness of nature’s spring fever.

  4. Interesting to get a glimpse into your long periods of daylight. I’m an occasional insomniac myself, so I understand. I liked the rhythm and repetition of your words.

  5. Bjorn you need to build or repurpose a room in your house to be light-proof and sound-proof. Sleep deprivation even via nature’s ways, is considered a form of torture. You need your sleep.

  6. Ah, Bjorn, when most of us are so happy to see longer days and more sunlight, not so for you! You make 3 a.m. sound anathema! May your nights grow longer and your birds sleep later!

  7. Nicely done. I like the repetition. I think maybe I’d have a hard time with all the daylight, but I know I would not do well with your winter almost constant darkness. Right now in June, it’s light before 5 AM, but the birds are singing–and mockingbirds sing all night. I love it! 😀

  8. My time in Alaska in July was very difficult. Fireworks on July 4 were at 1am. You can adapt to it because you have to. Being there for only a week, I cursed at it a lot.

  9. Truly haunting as the verse twists and turns with a lack of sleep. Up at late hours sitting there hoping to sleep, I feel the frustration and sadness at having this happen to the narrator again. The birds can be good company. Sometimes.

  10. The repetition plays well in the subject matter, of those repeating thoughts which plague the night. Having spent some time working long (cold) night shifts, whilst living in Canada, I can empathise with trying to sleep in the daylight, with the world alive outside the window.

    Hopefully you have a better sleep tonight!

  11. Isn’t it the worst? The repetitive again and AM created the headache feeling (albeit very poetic) like insomnia.

    I hope you get some nice sleep soon, Bjorn. and those belting birds, too!

  12. This is spot on the kind of repetitious inner dialog that one gets caught in at 3 a.m. (and then the damned birds)

  13. Your frustration comes through loud and clear: and the desperation of hearing what should only be heard after a full night’s sleep, “but still the birds”! Wishing you no more “awake at three AM” …

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