Remembering Emily Dickinson

You lie in ceaseless rosemary —
Sleeps where the woods are pink
You — as lady brought us feathers
I hear the Fly buzz as I think.

You alone — now inked to paper
but never let us see the seen,
Your chamber reeks — closed perfumed
A summer torn from what’s been.

Laura hosts dVerse poetics and she wants us to write to or about a poet, remembering to leave the name in the title trying to mimic the style of the poet.

May 18, 2022

28 responses to “Remembering Emily Dickinson

  1. This is absolutely stunning, Bjorn! I love the “pink woods,”.. the “perfumed chamber,” and the idea that Dickinson ‘never let us see the seen,’.. you have captured her here in more ways than one! Kudos 💝💝

  2. I did toy with the idea of Emily Dickinson but I’m ashamed to say I don’t think I’m familiar enough with her work to do her justice. You have done a fine job however: those elongated sentences which wander round before reaching a conclusion. A great tribute!

  3. This is a fine poem to a poet, Björn, in which you have caught the essence of Emily Dickinson. I love the mention of the fly – one of my favourite poems of hers – and the way you began with rosemary, a powerful scent, and ended with the perfume of a ‘summer torn from what’s been’.

  4. Just gorgeous! One of my favorite poets–and your poem is all that we want in a minimalistic piece–

  5. So many excellent references to her here, Bjorn. I too love the scents you provide us with here….rosemary and the perfumed chamber.

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