Lust and delight

Darling come…
and a woe me wildly
, wind me withershins
aroused — around
this ink-dark night.

My dear, let’s
be waves
(let’s misbehave)
and bleed
our wounds a little bit
releasing steam,
relax —

— before this dream
rests broken
on the darker edge
of dawn.

Lust and Delight
Hans Hofmann

Lillian hosts the Quadrille today at dVerse and the word is wound. I wonder why I always end up writing about passion on Mondays.

May 17, 2020

28 responses to “Lust and delight

  1. This is exquisitely drawn, Bjorn! I can feel the dark passion especially in these lines; “let’s dance, be waves (let’s misbehave) and bleed our wounds a little bit releasing steam.” 💝💝

  2. Lovely use of alliteration in your quadrille, Björn, and I love the phrases ‘ink-dark night’ and ‘darker edge of dawn’.

  3. I like how you broke off that last stanza. It manifests the stark loneliness of what’s left in the harsh light of dawn 😦

    Perfect duet you chose. These two voices were meant to be together — if only for a song…. Knowing Graham’s story makes it all the sadder.

  4. It’s funny that you asked why you always right about passion on Mondays–and I thought you might go this way.
    A darker side of love, and the song is perfect.

  5. Really sensual line–let’s be waves. And I love all that can imply in terms of brevity, enjoyment and just a casual fun time. Enjoyed very much.

  6. I enjoyed the freedom of the rhymes and alliteration in this. And the ending – all those dark d’s.

  7. Oh how i love well done alliterations! But it’s the closing that lingers with me.

    “before this dream
    rests broken
    on the darker edge
    of dawn.”

  8. There’s a dark intensity to this I enjoy. Sensuous and sensual all the same, with a cruel allure that reminds me of the passion that drives hot blood. Delightful stuff, tingling the tongue.

  9. Such deep sadness in that last stanza. And a sense of escaping impending doom in the first two: like all there is to live for are those stolen moments of passion: quick let’s enjoy this before it’s gone. 😢

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