Blue within blues

The sky and the sea are Lapis Lazuli
cloudless but hazed, with absent horizon,
we are mirrored adrift on the edge
between now and forever. I remember
how you had a dream of being together.

,but the breeze is too shallow to ripple
this sea-skin of listlessly waiting to part
and to find islands apart from each other,
so we drift on parallel lines but alone
playing our blues in our cerulean void.

Blue Horizon
Frank Stella

Today Sarah hosts Poetics at dVerse and we write poems on blue. Please join us.

May 11, 2021

30 responses to “Blue within blues

  1. This is great in so many ways. Lapis lazuli is a wonderful word for blue. You also found the perfect image for your poem with the parallel lines and kind of lonely feeling.

  2. This is a beautiful blue within blues, Björn, and thank you for including Joni in your post! I love the internal rhyming in the opening line of ‘sea’ and ‘Lapis Lazuli’, the phrases ‘mirrored adrift on the edge’ and ‘sea-skin of listlessly waiting to part’, the the idea of ‘playing our blues in our cerulean void’.

  3. Some heart-aching blues here Björn. I see you were also inspired by lapiz lazuli! I love the line ‘this sea-skin of listlessly waiting to part’ – that’s poignant.

  4. We drift on parallel lines but alone….a cerulean void….
    Achingly beautiful….most especially with the gorgeous references to blue using wonderful words to describe its many shades.

  5. Love the ripple-free parallel lines here, Bjorn; and greatly appreciate the inclusion of Joni’s tune (one of my faves). Thanks.

  6. Outstanding rocking of the prompt, with some clever word-smithing (already noted), Something existential about being on parallel lines but forever alone .

  7. A wonderful take on the prompt, I especially like ” absent horizon,
    we are mirrored adrift on the edge between now and forever.” So, so good! Nicely done, Bjorn.

  8. I loved the indeterminate depths of this, shapeless and ambient just as are those emotional voids of course in which two ships pass each other from distance that may never be known. Sorry. But well done — Brendan

  9. The hazy, featureless horizon, a listless wind that barely makes a ripple on the water, the dissatisfaction of the status quo but too drained to take any action. Describes blue perfectly. What most sad is you’re together but each very alone. Great song choice to go with in both word and melody.

  10. “so we drift on parallel lines but alone: – ah and such is the way of life sometimes, waiting for the lines to intersect somewhere in space.

  11. This is a minor thing, Björn, but I really like how you started the second stanza with a comma 🙂

    I think I should try playing with punctuation more…

    Lovely poem, Björn


  12. I’ve had relationships like that: drifting listlessly in parallel but alone, waiting for a breeze to send us on our separate ways. Time to break out the oars.

  13. This blue blues is heartbreakingly beautiful and sad. I especially liked “we are mirrored adrift on the edge
    between now and forever”

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