Burning bridges

It was neither your wild woes
nor the cesspool from which 
you had me salvage
the violent stars you craved;
I never heard the muted woodwinds

~ beseeching me to linger ~  

only the barking harbor seals,
brought waterfront farewell,
but I left my dreams ashore
ribbon tied and shrined in silk  
for you, to never find again.

Gullscape by Roy Lichtenstein

Today Merrill hosts poetics at dVerse and asks us to write a poem about bridges or as a bridge poem (or a puente) with two stanzas of the same line bridged by one single line. bridging the two other stanzas.

April 27, 2021

32 responses to “Burning bridges

  1. This is exquisitely woven, Bjorn! 😀 The bridge here works so well to depict the complexity of relationships. I especially like; “the violent stars you craved; I never heard the muted woodwinds.” 💝

  2. I love the idea of ‘violent stars’ and ‘muted woodwinds’, Björn, and the way you linked them to ‘barking harbor seals’ – what a wany to burn your bridges!

  3. That bridging line is perfect. The whole poem is like a dreamscape. The negatives work well. The shredding of dreams–regretful, but necessary.
    The image works well with the poem, too.

  4. This one I will have to read a few more times to sort out. What I see now is the water, the tempest, the noise, the unsavory demands, the weariness, the turning away, and the hope yet alive for true contentment. Beautiful piece of writing, Bjorn.

  5. It is a wonderfully textured piece, romantic, classic and sad. Your first stanza outlines your servitude, the second your egress and freedom, bridged perfectly. I liked “I left my dreams ashore, ribbon-tied and shrined in silk for you” followed by the twist; fantastic.

  6. I’ve been watching Ken Burns’ epic series on Ernest Hemingway … it might be because I’ve immersed myself in the writer’s life most of this afternoon/evening …. the words of your amazing puente remind me of him. Lisa’s comment comes close to what I am feeling. Cheers.

    • I understand… no problem. I have had problems with comments in the past, and sometimes things end up in the spam for some reason. I try to clean it regularly … but I have never found any of your comments there.

  7. There’s a haunted feel to the first stanza that spurs the dash for freedom in the second, beautifully done Bjorn!

  8. What a beautiful and yet so very sad image.
    ” I left my dreams ashore
    ribbon tied and shrined in silk
    for you, to never find again.”

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