Spring is on hold

Squeezed —  between two weather systems, a persistent northern wind has caused the spring to pause. Drowsy wood anemones bow towards the soil, daffodils are hesitant and the blackbirds are anxious, wondering if nesting should be put on hold as well. I had to put on warmer clothes for my morning run, but still the dusk at 9 PM tells me that spring is more than warm winds. 

up and down the trunk  
two edgy squirrels running —
lacking a reason

Like every day the last year, we continue to walk the same familiar streets.

Wood Anemones

Today we are writing Haibun with Frank at dVerse where he wants us to write about being in the moment. Nothing is more like a moment for me than April weather.

April 26, 2021

27 responses to “Spring is on hold

  1. I understand your frustration at spring almost arriving then beating a hasty retreat again. It has happened a few times here already. And there are so many microclimates, in some areas spring has sprung whereas in others it is still winter!

  2. I know what it’s like with spring on hold, Björn, especially the year Lucas was born. Last year during the first lockdown was unseasonably warm and sunny. This year it’s cold and sunny. I think we’ve had a taste of your persistent northern wind this weekend. It hasn’t stopped the blossoms, or the birds and squirrels.

  3. Squirrels rule, it seems. One made into my haiku as well. Spring has been mugged here too, high of 43 degrees, overcast with showers, the sky and my emotions slate-gray.

  4. Up and down the trunk, those rascally squirrels sure capture the season and the stir-crazy feelings of this spring. Parents as drowsy anemones, I think.

  5. Nice one, luv those squirrels in the haiku
    Happy you dropped by to read mine

    Happy Monday

  6. We’ve finally lost mist of our snow here; now if only the temps would rise. I feel ypu, Brother. Awesome haibun!

  7. that pause between seasons is well drawn and your routine of habit shows that things are changing while other things are standing still …

  8. Being in the moment with April weather is exciting — for in the next moment it may be something entirely different!

  9. The past week or so it’s been so cold. Thankfully the lilac buds didn’t get frozen when it snowed last week. The rhubarb leaves keep popping out as do the iris leaves. Like where you are, the longer days are welcomed.

  10. Bjorn, I can relate to your words. Spring is teasing my weary soul. I long for warmer days outside. I feel a bit like an edgy squirrel.

  11. Your ending made me chuckle. I feel like one of these squirrels running back and forth for no reason. I am still staying close to home and it feels like going in circles some days.

    up and down the trunk
    two edgy squirrels running —
    lacking a reason

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