Night life

At night awake, at sleep 
I dive and drown 
in the neon sheen 
and shadows left 
as ember green
as shadows in dilated pupils;
those lying eyes
where once I saw the mirth of two 
while they saw gold,
while they picked bones
vultured. stole and left me
stranded here, 
marooned and naked, bare.

They say that eyes are mirrors
and I think it’s true,
because I beheld the sky, 
the sea and me 
but never saw the rot
behind their fervent glow.

The night wears slippers
a velvet dressing gown,
sprinkle sand 
and sings her lullaby
to dull the sheen of lies
and dress my dreams
with eyeless chants,
I shut my eyes and drift away

Phote by Skitterphoto Pixabay

Mish is hosting at dVerse and asks us to write about eyes.

November 17, 2020

23 responses to “Night life

  1. I love this poem, Björn, and the way you dived into the world behind sleeping eyes – and discovered so much colour and undercover activity. I especially enjoyed the final stanza – it has me longing for my bed!

  2. Haunting, especially with the delving into of the subconscious at night. A brilliantly dark poem. I enjoyed reading it very much.

  3. This “to dull the sheen of lies/and dress my dreams/with eyeless chants” is just a brilliant image among so many in this poetic tour de force. Heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time.

  4. Exquisite composition of an intensely emotional subject. You’ve captured the “sheen of betrayal” and how it haunts so well here, and your gratefulness for remedy to erase the images is palpable. Great use of colors, light, and textures.

  5. You have to watch out for those mirrors, too often they only show us what we want or hope to see. This a strong rocking of the prompt, sad, yet hopeful as introspection attends the dreamscape.

  6. Truly captivating. From the first stanza, the personification of those evil eyes. Loved the imagery. The second stanza was ironically “reflective” and then the ending where hopefully one finds peace after being strung along by those eyes!

  7. I often look into eyes and pick up things that others do not see, the sadness is often hard to hide. Mirrors can be deceiving. Written in your signature style.

  8. I love how you capture that dullness and sheen of lies from the eyes. There is haunting sadness and vulnerability from the victim:

    while they picked bones
    vultured. stole and left me
    stranded here,
    marooned and naked, bare.

  9. to dull the sheen of lies
    I shut my eyes and drift away

    The ability to switch off at one’s ward off a bad dream and instead managed to sleep soundly is remarkable!


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