25 responses to “Jisei (sunset)

  1. An exquisite sunset Jisei, Björn. I love the subtle hints of colour in the setting sun and forget-me-nots, and the disappearing cloudscapes.

  2. Your first lines relates so well to a Japanese death poem. My saying about a tanka has always been “When a haiku just won’t do . . . ” As in, some haiku just require those extra two lines! 🙂
    The “lone forget-me-nots” — a beautiful image and when related to death, so appropriate. The individual, staring into the abyss, wants to be remembered by their loved ones…that can bring comfort as they move on….
    This is just a beautiful metaphor for death and yet signifying the beauty of living as well.

  3. I love the idea of ‘sailing onwards and away’ – it’s very positive and uplifting. It’s normal to fear death, we’re programmed that way, but really we might as well fear being born. There’s no way around either one.

  4. Ephemeral flowers – beauty and transience – and there at the edge, at the sunset – they bloom. The Buddha would be proud (if that were not an emotion incompatible with transcendence).

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